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1 Stage Vacuum Pump | VP N Series

1 Stage Vacuum Pump | VP N Series

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Technical Parameter

Models VP115N VP130N VP140N VP170N VP190N
Flow Rate  50Hz 1.8CFM 2.5CFM 3.5CFM 6.0CFM 8.0CFM
51L/MIN 71L/MIN 100L/MIN 170L/MIN 227L/MIN
60Hz 2.0CFM 3.0CFM 4.0CFM 7.0CFM 9.0CFM
57L/MIN 85L/MIN 113L/MIN 198L/MIN 255L/MIN
Ultimate Vacuum  Partial Pressure 2Pa 2Pa 2Pa 2Pa 2Pa
Total pressure 150Microns 150Microns 150Microns 150Microns 150Microns
Power  1/4HP 1/4HP 1/3HP 3/4HP 3/4HP
Inlet Port  1/4"SAE 1/4"SAE 1/4" &3/8"SAE 1/4" &3/8"SAE 1/4" &3/8"SAE
Oil Capacity 240ml 230ml 330ml 280ml 320ml
Dimensions(mm) 240x93x200 240x93x200 280x115x230 320 x125x232 340x132x245
Weight 4.0kg 4.3kg 7.0kg 8.5kg 12.0kg


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