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Description of products
RS series water-cooled refrigerant recovery machine
Professionally used in production and after-sales service work of screw units, centrifuge and other large air conditioning units, it can recover and cool refrigerants quickly,so as to improve efficiency.

Performance characteristics
1) Volume is only 140 L, with the high strength aluminum alloy material, light weight, easy to carry. it can be easily put into trunk of small passenger cars,what’s more,it can be rapidly mobilized,pass small aisle and space easily, which makes operation more flexible and convenient;
2) The open-type compressor,which is the world famous brand, is specially designed for recovery condition.The motor and compressor are separated,which prevents the refrigerants from secondary pollution;
3) Water-cooled design with high efficiency cooling performance make it easy to achieve liquid storage.we can increase water tank to achieve the cooling water recycling.The corrosion proof performance of water condenser make it suitable for many kinds of complex water quality.
4) External independent air-cooled condenser (optional device) can ensure normal work when without water source.
5) The unique design of the compressor oil system make it convenient to change
compressor oil, what’s more, we adopt the removable and washable oil separator,which  
make refrigerant recovery machine suitable for most moderate or high pressure refrigerants (R12 / R22 / R134a / R407C,R410a etc.)
6) Four-way valve can convert different recovery method without changing the tube connection.
7) Phase protection, over current protection (operating current is fully displayed ), high and low pressure protection fully guarantee the normal and safe working of the unit;
8) Built-in D - 48 type replaceable large filter together with high efficiency oil separator fully purify refrigerants, ensure oil and impurities removing, so as to achieve the refrigerant recycling.




Physical size

750*400*465 mm

Motor power

1.1 KW

Recovery rate
(The highest gas saturation)

≤143 Kg/h 
(R134a suction)




380V 50HZ

Cooling way

Water-cooled/optional external air-cooled condenser/
Increasing water tank for cooling water recycling 


Suggested item for 1000kgs





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